Introducing Employee Capital Plans – What It Means for Employers?

PPK / 2019-02-22 / autorzy: Generali Investments

The deadline to introduce the ECP in your company depends on the number of employees. The implementation process is the same for all companies.

Introducing the ECP Step by Step

Your actions

  1. You choose the institution which will maintain the ECPs in your company. It may be an investment fund company, a pension fund company or an insurance company. What is important, is for the institution to hold a licence of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority.
  2. You consult your proposals with the employee representation. The final decision, however, is yours.
  3. Sign an ECP management contract and an ECP maintenance contract with the chosen institution (on behalf of the employees).

Actions of the institution and the system

  1. The chosen institution arranges the ECP implementation in your company in administrative terms. In the case of Generali Investments TFI, it is a comprehensive service. We provide advice and help at every stage of the process – among other things, we draft an operational procedure, arrange a training session and provide software compatible with the most popular HR solutions.
  2. The ECP is launched in your company – the system made available to you helps you send information about contributions to us.
  3. The chosen institution handles orders on a current basis.