How We Can Help You in Implementing the ECP?

PPK / 2019-02-22 / autorzy: Generali Investments

Your Responsibilities, Our Optimisations

The institution to maintain the ECPs in your company will take responsibility for your money and that of your employees. It will also watch over the transfer and monitoring of contributions. So, choose wisely.

You will have to choose from among many proposals. Check how long the particular institution has been active in the market, whether it holds a permit to operate from the Polish Financial Supervision Authority and what it offers in terms of collaboration. Your employees will pay the ECP contributions for up to several tens of years. So, it is important for the institution to demonstrate good performance in the long term.


What We Offer

The statute imposes multiple obligations on you with regard to the ECP maintenance – among other things, collecting contributions from your employees or making it available for them to order disbursements from the ECP. We have analysed these processes and we can offer support.

Contribution monitoring software

  • We provide you with software that makes it easier and faster to exchange information about the ECP contributions. Our tool is compatible with the majority of HR software solutions.

System to place orders

  • We provide an online system to your employees where they can easily view the funds collected within the ECP or place an order of disbursement from the ECP.


We can also offer

  • We will draw up the complete documentation of joining the ECP for your company: the contract and the employee applications.
  • We will draft the ECP communication addressed to your employees.
  • We will train the people who coordinate the ECP in your company.
  • We will put you in touch with a specialist who will provide you and your employees with all the necessary information.
  • We will draft the necessary reports regarding the ECP maintenance in your company for the Polish Financial Supervision Authority and the Polish Development Fund.
  • We will draft an annual report on the market situation, subfunds’ performance and market outlooks.