Easy and secure online access to your investments

Easy and secure online access to your investments
Aktualności / 2021-07-01 / autorzy: Generali Investments

Faster, remotely and safely — verify your identity using the mojeID service and get immediate online access to your investments.

Generali Investments Towarzystwo Funduszy Inwestycyjnych is introducing remote confirmation of identity with the use of mojeID. The KIR service will provide individual customers of the Company with access to online services.


What does the new service enable?

Thanks to the mojeID service, existing and new clients of Generali Investments TFI can fully confirm their identity remotely via electronic banking as well as securely access and manage their investments online.


What is mojeID?

Do you use the mojeID service? Think for a moment before saying “No”. Tax settlement, filing a 500+ Programme application, booking a vaccination appointment, referrals to doctors, e‑prescriptions — each of these matters can already be dealt with using the mojeID service.

The service is also used by energy suppliers, banks, insurers and e-commerce companies. It is very likely that mojeID at Generali Investments will be your next contact with this solution.

mojeID is a secure remote authentication method for users of commercial and public administration services. The confirmation of a natural person’s identity is carried out using electronic banking, with the use of authentication data from the identity provider — the bank whose customer the person is.

Without leaving the house, log in to your bank and agree to the confirmation of your identity for Generali Investments TFI.


Confirmation of identity along with obtaining online access is done in 4 steps:

If you do not remember whether you have online access to your investments at Generali Investments, the described process will allow you to retrieve it easily. If your bank does not provide all the necessary data, please complete it.